With solutions ranging from Student Enrolment, Student (and Teacher) Record Management Systems, Content Management (which can facilitate exam moderation workflow) and automated examination marking solutions, DAS can streamline your environment. DAS also can provide survey solutions to facilitate and measure the effects of any changes. This data together with data from any other data sources can be analysed and presented in a web based self-service dashboard environment.

Learner Management Solutions

Start building digital content, manage access to this and track learner progress through online learner management systems. Allow for interactive chat to enhance the learner experience. This content can be mapped into curricula, and progress can be tracked.

Student Record Management Systems

Student registration together with academic reports and any other related documents can be managed in an enterprise Student Record Management System. These systems can be anything from a Local school based solution to a National (or Provincial) policy driven solution. All this whilst maintaining the strictest compliance with the relevant protection of privacy legislation (POPIA or GDPR)

Digital Exam Marking and Moderation Platform

With advances in technology, we are able to digitise (and mark where applicable, many OMR based exam answer sheets) and provide a moderation platform for digitally marking and moderating exams. This platform allows for papers to be “marked-up” without destroying the original content. Notes can also be make, and results can be collated and progress monitored.