Application Processing

From the processing of handwritten scanned application forms to the monitoring of compliance with regard to the supporting documents, DAS has been involved in many such projects ranging from supplying some of the biggest players in the micro-loan industry to implementing the FICA compliance for one of South Africa’s biggest banks. Today DAS also provide mobile forms solutions to do the same thing.

Accounts Payable Automation

With more and more companies trying to optimise their cash flow and reduce operating costs, many have looked to their internal AP processes. There are many benefits that can be realised in this space. If invoices can be reconciled within hours and NOT days the following opportunities can be realised;

  • Better (and more accurate) visibility on Cash Flow
  • Opportunity to pay vendors faster, which can in turn facilitate early settlement discounts.
  • Creating of vendor portal to reduce the load on call centre. 

Accounts Receivable Management

Since it’s inception DAS has been proving solutions in this space. DAS can supply and manage the solution of a cost per transaction bases, supplying everything form;

  • Onsite scanners and training,
  • Secure Hosted image archives, and
  • the Integration of these images (through hyperlinks) into customer statements
  • Exception reports with age analysis, to highlight which signed invoices are un-available.