Hospital Admission Processing

We have solutions to integrate paper form and/or digital tablet capture, with the capture of supporting documents such as Identity / Passport and Proof of Residence. This can be done “near” real time, and speed up the admissions process significantly whilst maintaining a high quality of data through extensive validation queries.

Patient Record Management Solutions

DAS provide POPI (Protection of Private Information) / Compliance Patient record solutions. This together with the stipulated record retention policies make it easy for anyone to manage a small to medium size practice to a large hospital group. The solutions provide for an extensive collaboration platform, as well as a patient record routing/workflow environment that can be integrated with 3rd party platforms (such as billing) or other practices.

ICD-10 Record Classification and Data Extraction

DAS have the ability and experience to establish an on premise, or SaaS environment to process patient records for ICD-10 Coding. These systems significantly reduce the time. from paper in the ward to money in the bank, and generally have less than a one year return on investment.