Registration Solutions

We offer a myriad of solutions in this area ranging from Paper for solutions (PAPI) where handwriting, barcodes, fingerprints and photos can be captured and extracted and exported to a database. Mobile device solutions (CAPI) have become more popular in the last five years with dive prices recusing and battery life improving considerably. DAS offer various solutions ranging from “bring your own device” BYOD solutions to basic dedicated ruggedised solutions with limited biometrics to extensive devices with with multiple biometric options ranging from fingerprint, facial and iris recognition. These can be used for the following project types;

  • Voter Registration & validation
  • Population Registration
  • Scholar registration

Census Solutions

DAS offer solutions complete solutions ranging from form design / layout  to data cleaning and presentation. For more information on this refer to our section on data capture, or contact us to arrange a discussion.

Election Solutions

DAS offer various solutions in the Election arena, including security printing, chain of custody and results processing and presentation solutions.

Judicial Management Solutions

DAS have implemented solutions servicing anything from a central prosecuting authority to a National Courtroom rollout. These solution can be the basis for all partied to submit documentation, and access other parties submissions. We can also integrate the court roll (booking system) into the platform. The system is capable of managing scanned documentation, digital documents and multi-media content such as audio and or video files.