Document Scanning

With an ever increasing number of companies opting to use scanned images in their business processes (instead of paper). The need to provide fast, cost effective and reliable solutions has become a necessity. DAS offer a wide variety of solutions catering for:

  • High Volume Scanning, we have a daily capacity to convert paper in excess of 1’000’000 images. This kind of processing requires a robust and concise tracking, control and reporting system. The system manages batches/boxes of paper from racking shelf location, to palettes and through various stages of the process (Document Preparation, Guillotining, Scanning, Post Scan Preparation) Capture, and Storage)
  • Mixed document types and colours; for more “varied” documents, we make use of “dynamic-thresh-holding” technology to ensure the clearest, smallest size images that are OCR/ICR ready.
  • “Delicate”originals, can be handled on our roll feed scanners which offer a straight-through paper path, they can be captured on planetary scanners.
  • Bureau Scanning Services DAS has a scanning bureau capable of imaging media sizes ranging from A5 to A0 in Bi-tonal or full colour. With advanced data/document capture software, we strive to bring you the highest quality images and captured data at the most cost effective rates. Your scanning requirements may be once off or part of an on going business process, either way let us bring you our wealth of knowledge

Weather you are scanning for archiving purposes or, to facilitate automated data capture, and further integration to your business process, we can assist. With out hosted batch control system you can track your documents throughout the entire process. DAS ensure physical paper to image audit, and facilitate offsite box storage or secure destruction of original paper.

Large Format Document Scanning

DAS have the technology and experience to scan and capture up to A0 documents. This could include your engineering / architectural drawings or ICU or High-care charts. These images can be archived or form part of an approval workflow process. We can also facilitate onsite scanning, should the need arise.

Photographic Film Scanning

DAS have the ability to digitise anything from 35mm film to 16×20 sheets in a colour corrected environment.