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Experts at data extraction and integrating this with existing Business Processes.


This can be on premise, in the cloud, self-managed or outsourced.
Creative billing models and short implementation times make DAS an attractive option for fast returns.

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Digital Archiving Systems (DAS), your pioneering partner in the technology data arena since 1996. As the trailblazers of innovation.

DAS has the infrastructure, capacity and know-how to meet your requirements, from once-off projects to integrated daily “line-of-business” solutions to large-scale back-scanning projects.

With more than two decades of expertise in the realms of scanning, capture, and data analytics, we have harnessed cutting-edge technologies like AI enhanced OCR/ICR for accurate and effective data extraction, document scanners, , and mobile capture devices that can be integrated with biometric capture for onboarding. These technologies seamlessly integrate into various line-of-business applications.

DAS possesses the robust infrastructure, ample capacity, and profound expertise necessary to tailor solutions precisely to your needs. Our offerings encompass both on-site and off-site bureau services, alongside customized System Implementation solutions. Drawing from our extensive experience across a multitude of industries, we stand ready to bring significant value and heightened efficiency to your business processes.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Improved accuracy and speed of processing
Efficient and audit proof invoice capturing, matching with both PO and GRN
Significant cost and time reduction
Less paper cost savings of up to 70%
Reduction of payment mistakes and duplicate invoices
Faster payments with easy settlement discounts will reduce procurement costs

Industries: Hospitals / Retail / Logistics
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Accounts Receivable

DAS offers 20+ years of expertise in Proof of Delivery Scanning.
We can reconcile these documents with driver routes and provide exception reports with age analysis.
DAS also has the ability to provide (secure) hyperlinks to these POD’s on your statements.
Handling complex scenarios and real-time reconciliation of documents.
Transform debtor call centers and optimize cash flow.

Industries: Hospitals / Retail / Logistics
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Business Intelligence

Infuse Analytics Everywhere:
Build custom analytic experiences for everyone.
Embed actionable intelligence anywhere.
Transform the way you work
Simplify Complex Big Data

Industries: Hospitals / Retail / Logistics
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Data Capture Solutions

Customer Onboarding solutions including biometric capture/verification
Population / Voter Registration Solutions
HR / Patient / Student Record Scanning including content classification and data extraction.

Industries: Hospitals / Retail / Logistics
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Content Management Solutions

Scanning and capture, document management, and record management (POPI) are essential components of our system, while collaboration, advanced search, and workflow/routing further enhance its capabilities.


Industries: Hospitals / Retail / Logistics
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Scanning / Digitisation

DAS have the technology and infrastructure to implement large scale scanning projects on/off site.
Extensive Project Management and Reporting on the progress of these projects.
Advanced data capture technology to enrich the digitised paper and integrate this into existing business processes.

Industries: Hospitals / Retail / Logistics
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Case Studies

Continental Logistics Company

DAS provide an outsourced Accounts Payable solution integrating with existing ERP and other custom platforms. We are currently implementing a complex Accounts receivable reconciliation and document pack compliance solution that […]

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Why DAS?
We put your data to work

Whilst we don’t only have vast experience in collecting and classifying data we have a complete devision that specialises in the analysis and presentation of this data in an embedded (within your own applications and/or environment) or a stand-alone platform.

This enables data driven decision making. This technology is very fast to deploy, even in complex environments and yields results almost immediately.