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Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

Discover the exceptional features of our Automated Invoice Processing solution, encompassing DAS’ Invoice Automation expertise. Seamlessly guiding you from the invoicing stage to final payment, this comprehensive automation ensures a seamless and efficient workflow. Benefit from a range of advantages offered by Invoice Automation, revolutionizing the way you manage invoices. With a solution tailored to address all your requirements, experience a new level of ease and effectiveness in your invoicing processes.

Highlights of Automated Invoice Processing

Improved accuracy of processing.

Efficient and audit proof invoice capturing.

Significant cost and time reduction – Decrease of manual processing and less paper leads to a time and cost savings of up to 70%.

Reduction of payment mistakes and duplicate invoices.

AP systems will work in accordance with the order system.

Higher efficiency when processing exceptions.

Cash/on time payment discounts as well as avoidance of payment delays.

The fast and exact process leads to solid supplier contacts.

Accurate and punctual monthly reporting, online access to accurate, more complete and up-to-date data.

Better compliance with industry as well as governmental regulations.

What is DAS’ Invoice Automation?

Complete automation from invoicing to payment

DAS comprehends the precise needs and requisites of finance departments, presenting an all-encompassing Purchase-to-Payment (P2P) solution that caters to every facet of the procurement cycle. Our Invoice Automation solution effectively tackles the processes linked with Accounts Payable (AP).

Our cutting-edge Technology adeptly captures, categorizes, sanctions, and validates invoices of every nature – regardless of size or format, be it paper-based or electronic. It seamlessly integrates with diverse financial workflows and ERP systems, including but not limited to SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and JD Edwards. Moreover, it harmonizes with various financial and procurement systems.

The DAS Invoice Automation orchestrates the approval workflow, seamlessly transmitting it to your ERP systems and broader organizational framework in alignment with your preferences. For enterprises desiring independence from internal ERP workflows, DAS Invoice Automation can operate externally as well.

Invoice Automation advantages

A non-template solution, DAS’ technology understands the content and layout of any invoice, which ensures industry leading extraction statistics right out of the box.

Vendor validation and PO matching at line level drives impressive straight-through processing rates and leads to an accelerated business process.

Uniform platform for invoice examination and easy multi-stage approval.

Simple and consistent processes handle all types of invoice, of any structure, regardless of format: faxed, posted, or electronic.

Close month-end and year-end accounts faster and more accurately as the invoice is accessible in the system immediately after scanning.

Early payment discounts and elimination of late fees

Full SAP integration and to other leading ERP platforms.

Can also be used outside of ERP systems.

Scalable system architecture which is flexible to adapt to your individual needs.

A solution for all your needs

DAS Invoice Automation offers a comprehensive suite of modules designed to revolutionize your invoice processing:

Our “Invoice Reader” swiftly analyzes incoming invoices, validating data while accommodating country regulations and customization. Integration with accounting environments provides instant financial reporting for sound cash management.

Benefit from:

  • Automatic vendor data and PO verification with instant reports.
  • Up to 85% cost savings compared to manual processing.
  • Streamlined AP operations, with staff managing exceptions.
  • Elimination of errors and duplicate payments, boosting efficiency.
  • Drastic reduction in delivery times and P2P cycle enhancement.
  • Timely payment adherence, stronger vendor relations, and early payment discounts.

The Invoice Automation Dashboard ensures processing visibility, yielding ROI within 12 months or sooner.

Our SAP-integrated solution frees skilled staff from manual data entry, expediting validation, approval, and posting, resulting in reduced processing time. Enjoy heightened visibility, internal control, early payment discounts, and compliance tools. Experience heightened financial report accuracy and timeliness. DAS Invoice Automation charts a transformative course toward efficiency and excellence, with ROI realized within 12 months or less.