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Elevating Industries Through
Expert Data Management Solutions

Logistics / Courrier Industry

DAS offers innovative solutions for in-field image processing, boasting the capability to seamlessly extract data from both second and third-party documents, reconciling them in near real-time.

This transformative approach significantly minimizes the necessity for reprocessing, reverse logistics, returns, and most importantly, the complications associated with centralized paper-based systems.

Public Sector / Government

We offer a myriad of solutions in this area, ranging from Paper for solutions (PAPI), where handwriting, barcodes, fingerprints, and photos can be captured, extracted, and exported to a database. Mobile device solutions (CAPI) have become more popular in the last five years, with dive prices reducing and battery life improving considerably.

DAS offers various solutions, ranging from “bring your own device” (BYOD) solutions to basic dedicated ruggedized solutions with limited biometrics, to extensive devices with multiple biometric options, including fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition. These can be used for the following project types:

Voter Registration & Validation / Population Registration / Scholar Registration / Census Solutions / Election Solutions / Judicial Management Solutions

Healthcare Industry

Hospital Admission Processing

Our solutions streamline the integration of paper forms and digital tablet capture, alongside the collection of supporting documents like identity/passport and proof of residence.

This integration can occur in near real-time, resulting in a significant acceleration of the admissions process while maintaining the highest data quality through rigorous validation queries.

Patient Record Management Solutions:

DAS offers robust Patient Record Solutions that ensure compliance with POPI (Protection of Private Information) regulations. Coupled with prescribed record retention policies, these solutions empower healthcare providers, whether small practices or large hospital groups, to effortlessly manage patient records.

Our solutions foster extensive collaboration and provide a patient record routing/workflow environment that seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms such as billing systems or other healthcare practices.

ICD-10 Record Classification and Data Extraction:

DAS possesses the expertise to establish on-premises or SaaS environments for processing patient records, particularly for ICD-10 Coding. These systems dramatically reduce the time from paper records in the ward to financial gains, typically offering a return on investment in less than one year.

Construction Industry

DAS can provide hosted content solutions to offer a secure auditable platform for the:

Submission / Review and comment / Acceptance and signing of documentation

relevant in the construction industry.

These documents can be easily shared among the relevant parties without clogging up and/or relying on email servers to find the required documentation.

The solutions support full version control and update notifications. This content can be integrated into GIS systems with single sign-on.

Energy Resources and Mining

DAS offers comprehensive solutions for managing drawings and documentation across various applications, including Infrastructure Documentation (with drawings), Health and Safety, Maintenance and Shutdowns, as well as Modification and Expansions. These solutions grant secure access accompanied by thorough audit trails and can be implemented on-site or hosted within a secure cloud environment.


With solutions ranging from Student Enrollment, Student (and Teacher) Record Management Systems, Content Management (which can facilitate exam moderation workflows), and automated examination marking solutions, DAS can streamline your environment. DAS can also provide survey solutions to facilitate and measure the effects of any changes. This data, together with data from any other sources, can be analyzed and presented in a web-based self-service dashboard environment.

Learner Management Solutions

Start building digital content, manage access to it, and track learner progress through online learner management systems. Allow for interactive chat to enhance the learner experience. This content can be mapped into curricula, and progress can be tracked.

Student Record Management Systems

Student registration, academic reports, and any other related documents can be managed in an enterprise Student Record Management System. These systems can range from local school-based solutions to national (or provincial) policy-driven solutions. All of this is done while maintaining the strictest compliance with the relevant privacy protection legislation (POPIA or GDPR).

Digital Exam Marking and Moderation Platform

With advances in technology, we are able to digitize (and mark where applicable, many OMR-based exam answer sheets) and provide a moderation platform for digitally marking and moderating exams. This platform allows for papers to be “marked-up” without destroying the original content. Notes can also be made, and results can be collated and progress monitored.”


In Application Processing, we handle everything from handwritten scanned application forms to compliance monitoring, serving industries from micro-loans to major banking players. Our expertise extends to mobile forms solutions.

Accounts Payable Automation is another forte, as companies increasingly focus on cash flow optimization. Swift invoice reconciliation brings advantages such as improved cash flow visibility, faster vendor payments, and reduced call center load through vendor portals.

For Accounts Receivable Management, DAS provides comprehensive solutions, including onsite scanners, secure hosted image archives, integrated images in customer statements, and exception reports with age analysis for unavailability of signed invoices.