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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

“Empowering Businesses with Proof of Delivery Scanning Expertise for Over Two Decades”

DAS has been a trusted leader in the realm of Proof of Delivery Scanning for over 20 years, originally making its mark in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. Over time, our solutions have evolved to address increasingly complex needs, including the real-time reconciliation of 3rd and 4th party documents.

One of our core offerings is the provision of exception reports, a valuable tool that swiftly identifies any PODs that have not been scanned, enabling immediate location and imaging. This proactive approach not only ensures the accuracy of your financial records but also enhances operational efficiency.

In addition to these cutting-edge capabilities, DAS has integrated hyperlinks onto statements, allowing your customers to effortlessly access signed PODs. This innovation has had a profound impact on debtor call centers, reducing call volumes and streamlining customer inquiries, ultimately expediting the flow of funds into your organization.

At DAS, we understand that time is money, and our Proof of Delivery Scanning solutions are designed to maximize both. With our experience and dedication to excellence, we empower businesses to make informed decisions while maintaining strong customer relations and financial integrity. Join us on the journey to a more efficient and profitable future.

Highlights of Automated Invoice Processing

Reduced Disputes: Proof of Delivery Scanning helps provide evidence of goods or services delivery, reducing disputes between businesses and customers.

Faster Payments: By documenting timely delivery, it accelerates the payment process, ensuring businesses receive payments promptly.

Enhanced Customer Relations: Improved transparency and reduced disputes contribute to better customer relations and trust.

Effective TVM Management: Access to delivery documents aids in managing the Time Value of Money (TVM) principle in finance.

Interest Calculation: It allows for accurate calculation of interest on overdue payments, helping businesses recover additional revenue.

Credit Term Management: Businesses can better manage credit terms, ensuring efficient use of financial resources.

Informed Investment Decisions: With delivery data in hand, informed investment decisions can be made, taking into account the significance of the TVM principle.